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As the number of licensed private hire drivers and vehicles soar, licensing authorities all over the UK are getting tough on enforcement against private hire drivers like we’ve never seen before.

You need the assurance of good legal assistance through an appeals process and the Magistrates Court if you have been wrongly accused.

UPHD is teaming up with a major law firm to ensure you have expert support at your time of need.  Your badge is your livelihood, protect it by joining UPHD today.

Remember, we can’t help with pre-existing problems so join today to avoid disappointment tomorrow.


The private hire industry is undergoing dramatic change with the rise of app-based operators, new technology, electric vehicles, road pricing (for congestion, clean air and other user charges), tough new air quality standards.

Too often, private hire drivers are the last ones to the negotiating table so licensing authorities place too much of the burden on us.

In recent years, UPHD has made massive gains through effective representation. Join us today and strengthen your voice and protect your livelihood.

UPHD is the only truly independent trade representative 100% dedicated to you and to the industry we share. No hidden agendas, no distractions, no competing objectives:

Private hire drivers for private hire drivers.

What we want for you

  • Fair treatment for every driver – from operators, licensing authorities and police.

  • A cap on licensing so that drivers in the industry can make a fair income.
  • Income guarantees from operators – big app operators have collapsed incomes through over supply.
  • Safety & security on the job.
  • Fairness from police and licensing authority enforcement agencies.
  • Right to be properly consulted on regulatory changes.
  • Worker rights protections.

We aim to represent all UK private hire drivers in the UK. We are honest and hard working people who are often badly treated by employers and the regulator.

With a strong collective voice we will be heard, we will demand change and will make a better future for all private hire drivers.

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