Chairman & Founder

James Farrar

I come from a corporate and campaigning background. I joined Uber in 2015 as a way to supplement my income during periods of research and development in my other work. I soon realised the income promised by Uber just wasn't possible to earn without working around the clock. In the spring of 2015 I was assaulted by a passenger on the job and it took Uber over 10 weeks to co-operate with the police to provide details on the riders. It was as if Uber tried to block the process in the hopes that I and the police would just tire and go away. I quickly understood that since I accept all operational risk on Uber's behalf there was no incentive or obligation for them to help me. I never did get a good explanation for the 1o week delay nor an assurance the rider was removed from the platform.

I sought legal advice from Leigh Day and I am currently part of a legal action to force Uber to observe our worker rights. If we are successful - and I'm sure we will be - then Uber will have to guarantee minimum wage earnings for every hour on the road, provide paid holidays & rest breaks and will be responsible for occupational safety. I believe this case will force operators to pay drivers properly at last, provide paid holidays so drivers can afford some time off with their families and take greater responsibility for safety.

In London, at least, I'm shocked and alarmed by the behaviour of TfL and some of their board members. I do not believe the regulator carries out its work fairly and I believe the current private hire regulatory review process is highly discriminatory. Tfl continue to over license the capital so that the carrying capacity for streets is exceeded then deploy enforcement to punish us for their own excesses. TfL have failed us and Londoners to allow a dangerous race to the bottom with too many drivers now chasing too little work and working too long hours for too little money.  TfL has been sadly unresponsive to even the most reasonable queries - the clear message is they do not respect us. That must change.

I am passionate about helping private hire drivers through UPHD uncover the injustice at the heart of the London private hire trade, to helping drivers gain their rights and to helping drivers create the future they deserve.