About UPHD

Our 4 point plan to protect private hire drivers

  1. Demand a cap on private hire licenses in London
  2. Demand fairness and respect for private hire drivers in TfL regulatory review
  3. Demand that operators pay drivers fairly
  4. Show our strength in numbers - we will organize as many demos as it takes to get our voice heard

Our strategy

  • By drivers for drivers
  • Free membership
  • Represent drivers rights to TfL and all regulators
  • Represent drivers in disputes or grievances with operators
  • Lobby political support

About UPHD

Our industry is changing rapidly but drivers have a weak voice. Our incomes are in crisis with drivers falling below the poverty line as global corporations move in to exploit drivers at an unprecedented scale. Our regulators do nothing to protect and seem intent on discrimination and making operating conditions more difficult than ever before. The human cost is great with many families under severe strain, absent parents working 90 hours a week and debt levels rising. We say enough is enough.

We aim to represent all UK private hire drivers in the UK. We are honest and hard working people who are often badly treated by employers and the regulator. With a strong collective voice we will be heard, we will demand change and will make a better future for all private hire drivers.


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